About pay negotiations 2024 for union representatives and managers

This year, AU is taking the first step in using mitHR in the pay negotiation process. Over time, this allows for the possibility of digitalizing the process, but this year, as a union representative or negotiating manager, you'll find that most things are as they were before.

What is as usual?

  • There are no changes in the pay negotiation process itself. The faculties establish local time frames and criteria for salary improvements, and the negotiations are conducted and evaluated according to usual practice.
  • You will be sent salary data from HR for the employees you are authorised to negotiate for, both before and after the application period.
  • The fields in the pay negotiation form.

What changes will you experience?

  • You will receive salary data in two reports with a new setup:
    • The Salary Overview provides an overview of the total salary with one line per employee
    • The Salary Component Report goes into detail with the individual salary components
  • All union representatives across AU receive identical reports
  • Employees access the pay negotiation form in mitHR