Pay negotiations at Health

The application process in connection with the salary negotiations (2024) at the Faculty of Health has begun. You can apply during this period:

February 1 to February 25 2024.

Below you can read more about the salary negotiations, including criteria for salary negotiations and salary agreements.

The salary negotiations are expected to be finished by the 24th of May 2024, and we expect that everybody has been informed about the negotiation results no later than end of June 2024.

Pay criteria for Health - approved by FSU March 2, 2021 

The local cooperation committees can add additional local criterias.

  • Local pay criteria for Department of Clinical Medicine, which have been decided in 2023 (current) - Look here
  • Local pay criteria for Department of Biomedicine, which have been decided in 2024 - Look here
  • Local criteria for Department of Forensic Medicine, which have been decided in 2017 (current): Forensic Medicine maintains the faculty's criteria combined with the existing local criterion: Prioritizing employees who stably take care of and contribute with care and responsibility in various tasks as well as public sector consultancy.
  • Other criterias is only in Danish and can be found at the Danish page for the yearly negotiations.


How do I submit information?

If you wish to be considered for a pay increase, you need to complete a pay negotiation form in mitHR. The form will be open from February 1, 2024 until February 25, 2024. You access the pay negotiation form and find a video guide on how to fill out the form, via the main pay negotiation website.

HR distributes them further on to the negotiating manager and union representative.

Please contact your HR Partner, if you have questions regarding your current salary, which negotiation group you belong to etc. Find your HR Partner here.

Salary agreement catalogue for staff at Health

Pay agreements for technical-administrative staff

Find your union representative (in Danish)