Damaged eyeglasses

Damage to eyeglasses must be reported to AU HR, Development and Work Environment on a special form, which can be downloaded in the right-hand column.

Complete the form and send it to AU HR, Development and Work Environment as soon as possible,  which will assess  whether you are entitled to reimbursement. Please note that a copy of the original bill for the damaged eyeglasses as well as itemised bills for the expenses associated with repairing/replacing the eyeglasses must be enclosed with the form.

If the eyeglasses were damaged in connection with an accident at work, the form with enclosures will be submitted to Labour Market Insurance for assessment. To see how the compensation is calculated, go to the webpage.

AU HR, Development and Work Environment will inform the injured employee’s workplace of any reimbursement granted.

The injured person must initially pay for having the eyeglasses replaced/repaired. The workplace should therefore not pay the bills, but should only disburse any compensatory amounts at the request of AU HR.

Compensation is paid according to the regulations from Arbejdsmarkedets Erhvervssikring.