Work-related illnesses

Work-related illnesses (occupational diseases) are diseases that are caused by the work or working conditions. The disease may develop due to short-term or long-tem exposures.

How to report suspected or actual work-related illnesses

Anybody is entitled to report a work-related illness, but only medical doctors can report such illnesses via EASY, as special medical information is required. Pursuant to Executive Order no. 1478 of 2. December 2016, medical doctors and dentists are moreover obliged to report any suspected and actual work-related illnesses (occupational diseases) to Labour Market Insurance and to the Danish Working Environment Authority.

A suspected or actual work-related illness must be reported via the injured person’s own medical doctor or dentist.

The injured person has the right to remain anonymous in relation to his or her employer. The injured person decides whether his or her employer and AU HR should be informed of the reported work-related illness.

What happens next

Labour Market Insurance sends copies of all outgoing letters to the injured employee to keep him or her informed about the status of the case.  Labour Market Insurance decides whether compensation should be paid as a result of the reported injury.

The Employer do not have expences in relation to the case investigation and compensation, as it is handled through the Arbejdsmarkedsbidrag, which the Employer allready is paying to as a part of the salary to the employee.