At AU, we collect employees' responses to the questionnaire-based workplace assessment from 28 February-11 March 2022. 

Your response is important

The WPA is about your well-being at work. The WPA includes questions about the physical work environment, the psychological work environment and absence due to illness. By completing the questionnaire, you will help draw attention to specific issues that need to be worked on locally.

The questionnaire includes a number of questions that apply to everyone at AU as well as a number of faculty and administration-specific questions which the local occupational health and safety committees and liaison committees have prepared.

How to respond to the questionnaire

You will receive a personalised link to the questionnaire on 28 February in a email from Aarhus University. You can participate in the survey in the period 28 February - 11 March.

If you do not receive a link on 28 February, check your spam filter. If you don’t find it there, write to and we’ll assist you as quickly as possible.

Anonymity and confidentiality

The psychological part of the WPA is 100% anonymous. Anonymity is ensured by means of anonymity limits, meaning that results will only be included in the report if a certain number of employees have answered the question. No one at AU has access to individual responses to the psychological WPA.

Aarhus University has set the following anonymity limits: Ten responses for general questions, 40 responses to questions about offensive behaviour and discrimination. Read more about anonymity.

The physical part of the WPA is not anonymous, and your occupational health and safety group will be able to access to your comments on specific problems with the physical work environment (drafts, noise, etc.) in order to follow up on and address them.

Tips for managers - how to get a high response rate

In order to create the best possible starting point for dialogue and local follow-up, it is important that as many people as possible complete the survey. Assume leadership of the process and involve your staff so that they feel that the WPA process is worthwhile.

  • Inform your staff about the WPA process well in advance (read Preparing for the WPA as a manager)
  • Inform your staff of your plans for dialogue about the results
  • Inform your staff that taking the survey during working hours is permitted
  • Consider what motivates your staff in particular – for example, you might:
    • Suggest a time for everyone to take the survey at the same time (allocate plenty of time)
    • Explain that you expect them to participate so that you can work together in your unit to improve your work environment
    • Send a motivational reminder before the survey closes
    • Thank them for a high response rate