Prepare for the WPA as a manager

As a manager, you are responsible for coordinating a number of tasks in connection with ensuring a good work environment. Your tasks depend on your management level. Get inspiration and information here.


Preparation, including discussions and agreements

How can you ensure that your unit benefits from the 2022 WPA? 
The WPA is a tool to help you take a proactive approach to the work environment, and you’ll get the most benefit from it if there’s clarity about who is involved, when and why. At this stage, you should discuss and agree on the terms of collaboration with the liaison committee, occupational health and safety committee, your manager, your management team and your staff.

Motivate your staff

A high response rate provides the best starting point for further work. Encourage your staff to support the process by informing and involving them before the questionnaires are sent out, and then on an ongoing basis during the process. For example, tell them: 

Collaborate with liaison and occupational health and safety committees

Discuss and agree on:

  • How you work together – e.g. who will do what? 
  • How you will use the results to create value, for example, when and in what form? 
  • Roughly how many initiatives will you prioritise to ensure that the work is appropriate and manageable? 

Coordinate with your own manager and management team

Discuss and agree on:

  • How will you coordinate interfaces and collaborate based on your individual functions? 
  • What actions and communication from you, as managers (jointly and individually) will contribute to a good outcome from the WPA? E.g. activities that contribute to employees feeling that the WPA process is useful.

Record the agreements in the calendar

  • Send invitations for the meetings agreed and book meeting rooms, so that you are well prepared for the WPA process. 

Use the results

When the report is published, start the process of figuring out how to use the results in the most constructive way.
The section Use the results offers you inspiration and guides you through the process step by step.

Below is a list of the tasks that you, the manager, are responsible for. 


Read, understand, talk about results

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May onwards

Develop action plans and follow up

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