How to read and respond to secure emails from AU

When you receive a secure email from Aarhus University, you will receive an email with a link to the secure email and an SMS code.

Follow the seven steps below to read the email and respond to the email, if relevant:

  1. Open the email 'Ny mail i SikkerMailBox’ (new email in secure mailbox) and click ‘Link til SikkerMail’ (link to secure email).
  2. In the window, enter the SMS code and click ‘Sign in’.

  3. The email will then be opened in another window and you can choose whether you want to print, save or respond. If you choose to save the email, you must use an email program such as Outlook on your PC when you want to open the email. End by closing the SikkerMail (secure email) window. If you want to respond to the email, go to step 4.
  4. Click ‘Svar’ to respond securely to the email. Enter your name at the top and write your response.
  5. You can attach files by clicking ‘Browse’. If you attach the wrong file, you can remove it by clicking the red X.

  6. Then click ‘Send’ to send your email securely.
  7. When you click ‘Sign Out’, you can send a new secure email to Aarhus University. End by closing the SikkerMail (secure email) window.