HR at Aarhus University contributes to the university’s core activities by supporting and developing AU’s organisational efficiency and effectiveness through the university’s employees, organisation and culture. HR is organised into different administration centres and the central administration.

In the administration centres, the HR partners and HR supporters are responsible for the day-to-day running of the HR area in relation to, among other things, recruitment, salaries, sickness, leaves of absence, employee retention, development and resignations, as well as for offering advisory services and guidance to the deans, the department heads and other heads of staff.

AU HR in the central administration performs tasks for all faculties, departments and centres and consists of four specialised units: HR-IT, Payroll, Employment Law as well as Development & Work Environment. AU HR also offers advisory services and guidance for the HR departments in the four administration centres.

Units in AU HR

Development and Work Environment

Development and Work Environment supports the management and the organisation based on a holistic view in order to contribute to the balance between core activities, goals, organisation, resources, and people in each unit and across AU. The unit offers specialist competences within the following areas:  Work environment and well being, AU’s liaison committees and occupational health and safety committees, leadership development as well as team cooperation and efficiency.

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Payroll offers guidance, advisory services and assistance in relation to salary calculations and payments of all salaries at Aarhus University. The unit is also responsible for payroll accounting and balancing of all salary-related accounts. Furthermore, the unit ensures guidance and information on new rules and usages of the payroll system and also assists the departments in relation to the researcher taxation scheme and the subsequent application to the Danish Customs and Tax Administration (SKAT).

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Employment Law

Employment Law is responsible for interpreting and implementing HR legislation as well as developing shared guidelines at AU.

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HR-IT is responsible for system ownership of the HR-IT systems AUHRA and PeopleXS as well as Captia including support. The unit also offers advisory services regarding holiday and absence registration as well as recording requirements and methods.

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