HR Data and Digitalisation

Tasks of the department

HR Data and Digitalisation offers:

  • Preparation of staff-related statistics and management reporting
  • System ownership of the HR IT systems AUHRA and PeopleXS as well as Captia including user support
  • Advisory services regarding holiday and absence registration as well as recording requirements and methods
  • Joint archive of AU records as well as contact to government agencies and institutions, e.g. the Danish National Archives

The unit also offers advisory services and guidance for the HR departments in the four administration centres.

Read more about  HR Data and  Digitalisation's services (Danish only).

Employees in HR Data and Digitalisation

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Andersen, Kristian Hvid Student Worker
Axelsen, Sofie Nygaard HR Assistant +4593522266 5221
Brink, Rolf Development Consultant +4593508706 5221, 112
Bæhrenz, Carsten Division Manager +4540879369 5221, 121
Clausen, Ana Maria Sønderskov IT Support Manager and System manager +4593521871 5221
Frid, Thomas Damgaard HR Assistant +4587153337 5221, 113
Henriksen, Lena Development Consultant +4520333833 5221, 113
Jensen, Jacob Søndergaard Development Consultant +4587153542 5221, 122
Jørgensen, Troels Møller Development Consultant +4540180273 5221, 114
Kaastrup-Hansen, Amalie Student Worker
Larsen, Sara Fog Product Owner
Mejer, Tine Anette Ingmann Project Manager +4541893209 5221, 115
Mortensen, Max Veller Data Consultant +4529652105
Mower, Gitte Bramsen System manager +4593521635 5221, 112
Møller, Lasse Damgaard IT Project Manager +4593508656 5221, 117
Noe, Henriette Systems Consultant +4528518614 1443, 323
Steffen, Karina Development Consultant +4541317734 5221, 120
Steffensen, Helle Stolzenbach Project Manager +4521337911 5221, 114
Thuesen, Merete Voldstedlund System Administrator +4587151236 5221, 120
Vestergaard Kristensen, Eva Development Consultant +4587153352 5221, 117