AU HR, Organisational Development and Work Environment

The unit’s tasks

The Development & Work Environment unit contributes to the development of well-functioning workplaces and a successful university – for the benefit of employees, students and society. We support the management team and the organisation as a whole with organisational development. We do this in line with AU’s strategy and with a healthy balance between core tasks, goals, organisation, resources and people – in the individual units and across the university.

We assist AU with specialist competences within:

  • Occupational health and safety guidance
  • Guidance and support for the liaison committee and occupational health and safety organisation
  • Strategic competency development
  • Leadership development
  • Organisational development

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Employees in Development and Work Environment

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Edlich, Lizzi Development Consultant +4587151311 A2.30
Elmholdt, Stine Trolle Process Coordinator +4593508813 5220, 215
Fjord-Larsen, Ida Emilie Schou Working Environment Consultant +4593522286 5220, 219
Justesen, Sissel Ribberholt HR Assistant +4593522465 5220, 219
Kirk, Charlotte Holmer HR Assistant +4593521955 5220, 216
Kroer, Henrik Philipp HR Assistant +4526282361 5220, 224
Martini, Michael Development Consultant +4523266019 5220, 226
Myrup, Tine Drud !!Rådgiver for HR ledelsen +4593522256 5220, 216
Nissen, Ina Wilkens HR Assistant +4523266008 5220, 224
Raben, Christoffer Madsen Working Environment Consultant +4530183166 5220, 224
Rosengaard, Karin Development Consultant +4587158486 150, A2.20
Schioldan, Signe Guldbrandt Student Worker +4593521934 5220, 224
Strand, Camilla Development Consultant +4593522280 5220, 214
Svendsen, Astrid Viola Hornbech Development Consultant +4587153345 5220, 217
Tornøe Johnsen, Louise Development Consultant +4560202615 5220, 214
Vejen, Iben Skrydstrup Development Consultant +4551141454 5220, 215
Wortmann, Boris Arthur Process Consultant +4593508825 5220, 219

Head of Development & Work Environment

Majbrit Lund Gottrup

Division Manager Development and Work Environment


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