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AU HR, Employment Law

Tasks of the department

Employment Law is responsible for interpreting and implementing HR legislation as well as developing shared guidelines at AU. The unit also offers advisory services and guidance for the HR departments in the four administration centres.

Employment law tasks:

  • Advisory services regarding employment law to HR departments in the administration centres
  • Preparation of memos and guidelines in relation to employment law
  • Negotiations of cross-organisational local agreements with the trade unions
  • Employment law tasks for the senior management team
  • Contact to government agencies and institutions in connection with consultation procedures
  • AU Election Secretariat

Furthermore, the unit performs HR tasks for the central administration:

  • Staff administrative tasks from recruitment to resignation, including management sparring as well as salary negotiations.

Read more about guidelines etc. here.

Employees in Team Employment Law

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Abde, Alev Gencay Personnel Legal Consultant +4587153385 5220, 122
Birthin, Jens Kristian Brun Personnel Legal Consultant +4587153325 5220, 119
Degn, Lone Personnel Legal Consultant +4587153332 5220, 124
Oostwouder, Jenny Personnel Legal Consultant +4529136022 5220, 121

Employees in the HR Partner team for the Central Administration

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Aabling, Kristina HR Consultant +4593521756 5220, 123
Billings, Ulla Rasmussen HR Assistant +4587162358 5220, 116
Kaiser, Hanne HR Consultant +4587153485 5220, 116
Smesnjak, Dorotea HR Assistant +4587152021 5220, 123

Head of Employment Law


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