Admission Processes

This section is organised into two teams: Admission to Bachelor’s degree programmes and Admissions to Master’s degree programmes and supplementary subjects. The following tasks are performed:

  • admission and registration of students with Danish or foreign basis for admission

  • consideration of cases concerning exemptions and the allocation of free places and scholarships or payment for full-time studies

  • guidance for applicants on application for admission

  • advice on operational requirements in respect of admission requirements, restricted admission and selection criteria.

  • withdrawals at the students’ own request and consideration of applications for leave.

Employees in Admission Processes

Name Job title Email Phone Mobile Building
Antonsen, Anne Wiborg Student Worker 1445
Borg-Asmussen, Mia Administrator +4593521035 1445, 319
Brink, Dyveke Guldager Student Worker
Busk, Mette Administrator +4593521236 1445, 329
Christensen, Emma Haugaard Student Worker
Egeskov, Kirstine Sofie Student Worker 1445
Fischer, Mia Student Worker
Frederiksen, Kathrine Pii Student Worker
Friis, Pernille Administrator +4593521121 1445, 327
Gam, Christina Høgh Senior Administrative Assistant +4593509994 1445, 313
Gläser, Katrine Albæk Student Worker
Hansen, Anna Hjelm Student Worker
Højmark, Nenya Busch Student Worker
Honoré, Camilla Member of Administrative Staff +4587153742 +4593522680 1445, 315
Hornbek, Johanne Marie Administrator +4593521119 1445, 325
Hyldtoft-Sørensen, Simon Administrator 1445
Jakobsen, Ida Glisbjerg Student Worker
Jensen, Anne Nørgaard Student Worker
Jensen, Christine Aandstad Lund Administrator +4593521028
Jensen, Lasse Tamberg Head of Section +4593521103 1445, 336
Jensen, Tobias Brandt Smedegaard Student Worker
Jespersen, Dorte Member of Administrative Staff +4593521249 1445, 326
Jespersen, Mette Firgaard Student Worker
Johanson, Lasse Lisby Student Worker 1445
Kallesøe, Emilie Melchior Student Worker
Kjær, Søren Lynge Østervang Student Worker
Kristensen, Monica Asgari Student Worker
Lillemose, Mette Kastberg Member of Administrative Staff +4593521210 1445, 327
Marstal, Niels Christian Administrator +4593521140 1445, 319
Mathiesen, Christian Knud Student Worker 1445
Mohamuud, Asha Farah Student Worker
Møller, Ida Marie Nør Student Worker
Nielsen, Fie Kirstine Student Worker
Nur, Suhuur Abdisalan Student Worker
Philipsen, Cilie Steinmeier Member of Administrative Staff +4593522892 1445, 321
Poulsen, Astrid Bering Student Worker
Poulsen, Laura Søes Student Worker
Rasmussen, Søren Member of Administrative Staff +4587159473 +4593521127 1445, 326
Rea, Agnes Lyngsø Student Worker
Simonsen, Bo Vittrup Administrator +4587159512 +4593522593 1445, 319
Sørensen, Jacob Member of Administrative Staff +4587152673 +4593521229 1445, 315
Thomsen, Nadia Toft Administrator +4593521239 1445, 325
Vidimlic, Aida Member of Administrative Staff