Booking a vehicle

Do you need transport in connection with a conference, meeting, field trip or study trip? The Faculty of Arts has six official vehicles in Aarhus, and three official vehicles in Emdrup, which can all be used for such purposes in Denmark. These vehicles can only be used for official purposes in Denmark by staff and students at the Faculty of Arts. Drivers need a standard driving licence (category B).  

Follow the procedure below

1. Booking your vehicle

  • Download the guide.
  • You can book your vehicle using your Outlook calendar. Select the vehicle (send a meeting invitation to the vehicle’s calendar) and select the date and time. Enter the driver’s name and mobile number in the topic field (‘Emne’). Just name one driver, even if there are several drivers. State the purpose of the trip and the destination in the location field (‘Sted’). 
  • If you are a secretary and you are reserving the vehicle on behalf of colleagues and/or students, set up a meeting in the vehicle’s own Outlook calendar and invite the vehicle to the meeting. 
  • Please note that a vehicle can only be booked for up to one week at a time.
  • Remember to update your booking in Outlook if you have to make any changes.

NB! If you make an all-day reservation, it is important that you change the vehicle’s status from available (‘ledig’) to reserved (‘optaget’).  


Special booking rules for students
Students cannot book vehicles themselves, and should contact the school secretariat, which is where the booking must be made (contact information). Students must complete and bring with them a driving permit which must be signed both by the student concerned and by the head of the school secretariat/deputy head of school (as authorised by the head of school).

Download the driving permit.

You need to show the driving permit as well as a printout of the booking confirmation or the vehicle’s Outlook calendar to the Maintenance Office in Aarhus (or Berit Granum in Emdrup) when you pick up the keys.

Please note that you must complete a separate driving permit for each booking. 

2. Picking up the keys




Maintenance Office, building 1467, room 123

Berit Granum’s office, building A, room 001


Weekdays between 11:00 and 12:00. Or contact the Maintenance Office to arrange a time

Contact Berit Granum to arrange a time


8715 0536 /

8715 1876 /

When you pick up the keys, please hand in a printout of your booking confirmation or the vehicle’s Outlook calendar. We need this for administrative reasons.
The keys can be picked up the day before you need the vehicle

3. Picking up your vehicle

It is important that you pick up and return your vehicle at the agreed time.



Where is the vehicle parked?

In the underground car park under building 1467. You will also be given a key card to use when picking up/returning the vehicle outside normal office hours.

In the car park at Tuborgvej 164

You will find a logbook in the vehicle. Please fill this in when you return the vehicle. Check whether the previous driver has registered the number of kilometres correctly.

Further information about driving the vehicle can be obtained by using the QR code, which is located on the dashboard/in the glove compartment in the car.       


4. Returning your vehicle and the keys

Please return the vehicle at the agreed time. Park it where you found it in the underground car park (Aarhus) or in the car park (Emdrup).



Returning keys in office opening hours

In the Maintenance Office

To Berit Granum

Returning keys outside office opening hours

In the dropbox at the Maintenance Office

In the letterbox at the main entrance

The vehicle must be returned with a full tank. You must pay for the fuel you use. You must also pay any fines, parking charges etc.  

Please clean and wash the vehicle before returning it.

Please note that, in connection with the reopening of the university after the Corona lockdown, there are special rules for using the faculty’s official vehicles. Please disinfect all the surfaces inside the vehicle before you return it. Disinfectant wipes will be provided in the vehicle.    

5. If something goes wrong

Via SikkerhedsPartner A/S, you can call Dansk Autohjælp A/S for roadside assistance for official AU vehicles:

If you need roadside assistance, please call 70 113 113.

When contacting Dansk Autohjælp, you must state the vehicle’s registration number and refer to the university’s customer number: SP-87150000.

6. Insurance

Aarhus University is self-insured. This means that any accidents and damage to official vehicles occurring in Denmark will be covered by Aarhus University.

Special information for students

Students are not covered by Aarhus University’s industrial injury insurance for employees. Students are therefore encouraged to take out their own accident insurance. 

Vehicles in Aarhus

  • VW Passat, ZP 51 659 (for staff only), room for five people
  • VW UP, AP 30 070 (for staff and students), room for five people
  • Ford S-Max Trend, BV 93 480 (for staff and students), room for seven people
  • Ford S-Max Trend, BV 93 481 (for staff and students), room for seven people
  • Opel Zafira, ZC 24 268 (for staff and students), room for seven people
  • Opel Zafira, ZC 31 760 (for staff and students), room for seven people

Vehicles in Emdrup

  • Opel Zafira, ZC 31 761
  • Opel Zafira, CM 20 998
  • Citroën C4 Picasso, XS 92 068

Additional information


None of our official vehicles have a tow bar.