Arts Building Services handles the mail in Emdrup. The mail is delivered and collected on a continuous basis. The mail is delivered at the post office as needed. Deviations can occur due to holiday or illness.

Delivery and pick-up points

A building: A105, A211, A312, A316

B building: B110, B255 (incl. nurses)

D building: D229 (in the corridor)

Incoming mail

Incoming mail is placed in the in-tray in the pigeonhole. The department/unit then distributes the mail to the employees.

Outgoing mail

When sending mail, the following applies:

For parcels within the EU, a note must be attached with name, address and postal code.

For parcels outside the EU, a note must be attached with name, address, postal code and country code.

When sending parcels in connection with projects/five parcels or more, the labels must be printed when Building Services collects the parcels. Please notify us a week in advance so that we can prepare.

When sending Q-letters, please contact Arts Building Services/Peter on tel. 2630 6622 regarding delivery of mail at the post office/the nearest service point.


In Aarhus, all mail is handled by the internal mail service.