Accesscard and access to buildings

How to order a key card

1. Ordering/reordering a key card

Ordering a key card for: 
Staff in Aarhus
Staff in Emdrup
Trøjborgvej 82-84

To order a key card you need your AU ID and a photo (JPG file). Once the card has been ordered, you will receive an email with the card number and pin code. Then you need to activate your card. 

Please note that if you re-print existing cards, the old card will be deleted immediately.

2. Activating/reactivating key cards

Once you have received an email informing you that your key card has been produced, it can be activated. Activating key cards:

  • Staff at schools in Aarhus and Emdrup should contact their department secretariat.
  • Library staff should contact the library managers, who will contact the Building Operations and Maintenance Office in Aarhus or Emdrup. 
  • ACA employees should contact (with the exception of ACA employees in Studies Administration, who should contact
  • Staff at Trøjborgvej 82-84 should contact the department secretariat. 

Please note that if you re-print existing cards, your old card will be deleted immediately.

Further information

PhD students and active student staff

Staff who are active students in the STADS system will receive a key card like their student ID card. 

PIN codes

A PIN code will be sent to the cardholder when cards are ordered/reordered. 

If you have forgotten your password, you can autogenerate a new one at The new PIN code will take effect immediately.

Access to buildings at the Faculty of Arts

Classrooms are open Monday-Friday between 07:30 and 18:00.   

Access outside opening hours

If you are organising an event outside opening hours, please contact Building Services for further details. If the event is held after 18:00 and is of a social nature, you must complete an agreement for borrowing rooms.

If you are holding an event outside our normal opening hours, access varies depending on the event in question:

  • The building can be opened for the duration of the event. This is a good idea for major events which may require special assistance, additional security services and the closing of the building. 
  • Access can be granted by permanently changing the right of access so an individual key card can be used. This allows people who have access to the premises to let in other participants as well. This can only be done if the person responsible for the event has been given the necessary access rights, and if their key card has been activated in the system. You can get this done at the Building Operations and Maintenance Office, but you may need the permission of the school in question as well.
  • Access to the faculty’s premises is granted by the Building Operations and Maintenance Office.
  • The Building Operations and Maintenance Office can give you access to classrooms on office corridors, subject to the approval of the school in question.

Remember to fill in the relevant agreement, which you will find here.

Ordering key cards for people outside AU

It is possible to order key cards for people outside AU who need access to a department or room outside normal opening hours. Access is granted for no more than 12 months at a time.

These key cards should be ordered from Building Services, who will need the following information: 

  • Name and name of company
  • Phone no.
  • Photo
  • Period (start and end)
  • Objective/purpose
  • Which buildings and doors do you want to access?

If you need brief access outside normal opening hours, please contact the department secretariat.