Conference articles and loan items

NB. We have a new ordering system for conference items!

You can now order your free conference items through AU’s webshop In the future, you can both order free conference items for events with external participants and/or buy conference items for other types of events through AU’s webshop. You will the items under “equipment”.


  • When ordering conference items, you must still allow a minimum of 14 days for processing time
  • All items will be sent by Internal Mail Service. When you order free conference items, it is important to state the correct delivery address and contact person, including building and office number, so Internal Mail Service can deliver the items
  • If you are participating in an event and need conference items, you can buy them on Stakbogladen bookshop’s webshop, on BSS Books or at the two stores’ physical locations
  • Remember that the same guidelines still apply when ordering our free items – read more below
  • In addition to the information above, in the box at step 3: Further information - order comments please add the following:
    • Name of event
    • Date of event
    • Expected no. of participants
    • State whether the participants are Danish or international (min. of 20% international participants)
    • Link to the arrangement, if any

If you have any questions, you can contact Events and Communication Support at or by phone 93522130

Guidelines for free materials

Free conference materials for events with external participants

Via the Events and Communications support website, it is possible to order i.a. notepads, ballpoints, key lanyards, name tags and ARoS vouchers for use at conferences organised by members of staff for Aarhus University (called conference materials). Conference materials are ONLY available for academic events in the main academic areas/departments/institutes/centres, and to which external participants are invited. These include academic conferences, seminars, symposiums etc. The conference materials can also be supplied to a limited extent to events where there are external guests, for example visits by delegations from Denmark and abroad as well as for national and international conferences hosted by the administration.

When ordering, remember:

That we cannot guarantee delivery from one day to the next. Many people still place orders at the very last minute – please order 14 days in advance.
Remember to state which event the conference materials will be used at.
Please write the full address on the order form as it facilitates processing for us.

Thus, conference materials cannot be supplied for teaching situations, internal courses, staff meetings, seminars etc. To buy merchandise and conference materials go to or (for Aarhus BSS merchandise).

Under these guidelines, conference materials will thus be used for their intended purpose: As a subsidy for academic events while at the same time branding Aarhus University vis-à-vis its partners and the world at large.

Read more about vouchers to The Old town and ARoS and about the discounts at ARoS and Concert Hall Aarhus