Guide - PC joint to the UNI domain

Templafy is integrated in Word and PowerPoint, if your PC is joined to the UNI domain. On this website, you can find instructions on how to create a user profile and how to use the AU templates in Word and PowerPoint.

If you use Templafy via web, e.g. from your Mac or your PC which is not yet joined to the UNI domain, please use the instructions for web users.

How to create a user profile

In order to use the AU templates, you must first create a user profile in Templafy. See how you create a user profile.

How to use templates in Word

Word contains a number of templates which comply with AU’s visual identity and can be used when writing letters, reports, presentations of cases etc. See how you can use the templates.

How to use templates in PowerPoint

Templafy contains a standard template, a number of standard AU slides with key figures, and several AU photos from various AU locations which you can use for PowerPoint presentations with AU’s visual identity. See how you can make a PowerPoint presentation.