The interim measurement system

Do you want to measure the effect of your efforts between two WPAs? Or do you need to examine the working environment again because of significant changes at the workplace?

You can easily do this with the interim measurement system SPOT 2.0. You select relevant questions from the joint WPA and you can also add up to 5 questions of your own within each category. Using the interim measurement system ensures the same anonymity limits as in the common WPA, as well as the correct processing of personal data.  

When you have selected who is to participate in the survey, it is easy to send the questionnaire to the respondents. The system will automatically produce a report at the end of the survey.

How do you get access? 

If you are to be the coordinator of an interim measurement, but you do not have a log-in to the system, please send an email to  

Please note that it may take a week or more before you can access the system.

How do you use the system? 

In the menu on the right, you will find a guide to the system as well as an instructional video (in Danish).

List of employees in the survey system

The list of employees is updated twice a year in Rambøll's System SPOT 2.0. The specific dates for updates will appear on this page.

Video in Danish on how to draw up an action plans in the WPA portal

Need help?

If the material on this site does not answer your questions about the interim measurement system, please contact the WPA-postbox ( or Christoffer Madsen Raben ( ) og Lizzi Edlich ( at AU HR.