How to create a shared mailbox

With a shared mailbox several persons can handle and reply to emails send to the shared mailbox. You find a guide how to create a shared mailbox here

To create a shared mailbox go to our serviceportal 

You need to add both a primary and secondary owner of the shared mailbox. Supply name, auid or email address in the search field and click on the search field to find the person. 

  • Primary owner is responsible for ensuring the right users have access to the shared mailbox
  • Secondary owner steps in if the primary owner resign, ensuring a person remains responsible for the shared mailbox

There are certain requirements for naming a shared mailbox. You can read more about the rules here

Displayname: The name shown when receiving a mail from the shared mailbox. The display name must be appropriate for the purpose of the shared mailbox.

Email address: Specify the desired email address before and after @ according to the syntax rules.

Purpose: Shortly describe the purpose of the shared mailbox

Primary and secondary owners automatically have access to the mailbox. Additional users are added by clicking on the plus. To add the desired number of users, click the plus several times. Similarly, a user can be removed by clicking on the red X and search for the user you want to remove.

When you have submitted the form you will receive an email receipt. When the shared mailbox has been approved you will also receive a confirmation on email.

Once the shared mailbox has been created the members need to add the shared mailbox to outlook, find a guide here