Establishing a contact centre

Establishing a contact centre

AU uses the Miralix system as switchboard and contact centre platform.

If your unit/department wants a contact centre solution, please contact your local IT support team.

However, there are some things you should consider beforehand and some information we should then discuss. Our experts within this field will contact you in order to establish the right solution in collaboration with you.

A contact centre is an application which makes it easy to manage many calls to one or several functions/telephone numbers and then find the best qualified and available employee to ensure a quick response to the call.

Our solution offers many opportunities for us to collaborate and establish a solution that will benefit you and your users.

  • The solution could for instance include:
  • Automatic opening hours/closing hours
  • Queue function/overflow
  • Menu selection
  • Statistics
  • Etc.

If you need a contact centre solution to manage your calls, please contact your local IT support team and we will work together to find the solution that matches your needs.