FAQ and manuals on telephony at AU

My phone doesn’t work – what do I do?

Find a quick guide and a more detailed manual to your fixed lined phone below.

If you need further assistance, please send an email to your local IT support with the following information:

  • Does your request concern your landline phone or mobile phone?
  • Which telephone number does your request concern?
  • Your building no. and room no.?
  • Contact information
  • Description of problem

How do I setup AU email and calendar on my mobile phone?

Find manuals for setup of AU email and calendar on mobile phones

Divert, forward calls etc. on mobile phone

The easiest way to divert calls on your mobile phone is to use Telenor's app; RenMobil.

The app'en provides you with the possibility of diverting calls but furthermore has a number of functions, which may come in handy during your everyday work. Read about the app here and watch a short demo (page is in Danish).

You should download the app directly on your smartphone via App Store/Google play (at this point the app isn't ready for Windows phones).

You can also divert calls on your mobile phone during a conversation without using the Telenor app:

  • Place the call on standby/hold by pushing ”standby/green handset”
  • Make a new call by typing the number to the colleague you wish to divert to
  • Tell your colleague, that you will divert a call to him/her. Then push "4" and "Send/green handset"
  • The person calling and the colleague that you diverted to are now talking together, and you will automatically be disconnected.
  • You can change between your active calls by pushing "change/green handset"
  • If you by mistake divert a call to the wrong colleague or if the colleague doesn't answer, you can withdraw the call by pushing "change/green handset"

Taxation of work phones

Employees will be taxed on the value of their work phone (DKK 2.500) annually if the phone is made available for private use in the employee's home.   

If you do not use your work phone for private use, please fill out this solemn declaration.