Pay negotiations at Aarhus BSS

Salary catalouges and agreements   

Timetable for pay negotiations 2024

February 1 - February 25 2024: During this period, employees can submit the information which is to be used during the pay negotiation process, and employees who are negotiating on their own behalf can submit their request for negotiation

February 26 - June 2024: Preparation and negotiation period

The disbursement of agreed salary improvements occurs after the salary negotiation

See the complete timetable for pay negotiations here

Who is my union representative?  

Salary negotiation form

If you wish to be considered for a pay increase, you need to complete a pay negotiation form in mitHR. (the form will be open from February 1, 2024 until February 25, 2024)

Pay negotiation form

How do you fill in the pay negotiation form?

  • You find the pay negotiation form in "Flows and forms" in mitHR.
  • In the form, you will provide your motivation/reasons for a pay increase.
  • You can click "Save as draft" at any point under "More actions", and when you are ready to send, click "Done".
  • You receive a confirmation for your submission via your AU email. 
  • You can find your completed motivation in mitHR under "Flows and forms" for the next 18 months.  

Your form will now be shared with the manager responsible for the pay negotiation and union representative (unless you negotiate on your own behalf) who will use the information during the pay negotiations.

Video guide

In this step-by-step guide you are guided in how to fill out the pay negotiation form:

Guides for other scenarios

Are you unable to access the form?

If you do not have the "Annual Pay Negotiation" form under "My flows and forms", please contact your local HR department.

Multiple paid assignments

If you have multiple paid assignments at AU, please note that the process for providing information for pay negotiations is slightly different.

If you wish to negotiate the salary for one of your assignments, please submit your motivation using the pay negotiation form in myHR. At the top of the motivation field, kindly specify which assigment your submission pertains to. For example, you can write "Motivation for salary improvement for my assignment: Laboratory Technician in Biomedicine."

If you wish to negotiate the salary for two or more assignments, please do not use the form in myHR. Instead, contact your local HR department.

Have you regretted sending your form?

If you have sent your form too early, please ask your local HR department to reopen the form.