Pay negotiations at Aarhus BSS

Salary catalouges and agreements   

Information for staff at Aarhus BSS Administration Centre

For employees in the administration centre at Aarhus BSS, it is the administration centre manager who negotiates salary with the relevant union representatives. If you want your salary to be negotiated, you must fill in an electronic form and submit it.

Criteria for the award of supplements 

The following criteria for the salaly negotiations for 2023 have been agreed upon in the local liaison committee: 

  • Quality and productivity in work activities, ensuring efficient knowledge sharing.
  • Taking responsibility and focusing on creating solutions and results.
  • Demonstrating flexibility and ability to foster development.
  • Demonstrating strong interpersonal skills, being user-oriented and contributing to a positive work environment.
  • Demonstrating stability in daily work and following assignments through to completion.
  • Ability to think strategically and politically, focusing on users' and the organization's needs.

Who is my union representative?  

Salary negotiation form

Fill out a salary negotiation form here (the period of sending in information is February 1 2023 to February 23 2023)