Continuous follow-up

After the initiatives in the action plan have been launched, you will have to follow up continuously and make adjustments when necessary. Try to incorporate health and safety and the work environment as a natural element in your other activities, meetings and initiatives.

We’ve completed our WPA so we’ve done all we have to do - or have we?

WPA work does not end with an action plan. Systematic follow-up is crucial to ensure that your dialogue and action plans have an impact. Follow-up is a management task, and it is important this has priority.

Share results with your staff when relevant. Reflect on adjustments to initiatives. There is often a need to follow closely the initiatives that have been launched and regularly consider whether anything needs to be adjusted.  

Are you on the right track?

A prerequisite for action is good reflection. It may be a good idea to address the various activities once a month as part of your own management practice and ask yourself:

  • What was the purpose/intention of the activity?
  • What did we hope would happen?
  • What do I/we see happening? 
  • What can I/we learn from it? 

Systematic focus on well-being and follow-up

At unit level, it may be an idea to add follow-up work to a fixed timetable, e.g.:

  • As an item at unit meetings once a quarter
  • As an element in staff development dialogues or group development dialogue
  • At local occupational health and safety committee (LAMU) meetings and local liaison committee (LSU) meetings
  • In 1-to-1 interviews
  • In other relevant meeting contexts in a fixed cycle

The more you can incorporate an awareness of well-being and focus on work environment initiatives in your other activities at the unit, the more natural your work on health and safety and the work environment will become. It is important to find an approach, rhythm and cycle that is meaningful and works in the local context.

Interim measurements

If your unit needs to follow up by measuring the priority initiatives before the next WPA, it is possible to conduct interim measurements. Work actively with the initiatives for a while before you make your interim measurements (e.g. after 1 year). Read more about interim measurements here.