Three approaches for comprehensive understanding

Read the WPA results from three different approaches for a comprehensive understanding of the reports. One approach does not exclude the other and it may be an advantage to combine them. Consider the specific needs of your unit. 

Reading approach 1: The classic approach

The classic approach is to focus on the three-five areas with the lowest score in the report and implement initiatives to improve these areas.

Reading approach 2: Low-hanging fruit

Another approach is to discuss which areas will benefit most from work at your unit.

The areas with the lowest scores may not always be the most important areas to focus on improving. Sometimes, it may make be more valuable to focus on an area with an average score, because development or improvement in this area will make a bigger difference for the psychological work environment.

Reading approach 3: Focus on what works best

The third reading approach is to identify the two to three areas with the most positive results and discuss what you can learn from these areas. The aim of this approach is to keep what is good and/or learn from what is going well in order to improve the areas with a less positive result.

If the report shows a critical situation, this must be dealt with, and reading approach 3 cannot be used alone.