How to set up a Mailman mailing list

How to set up a Mailman mailing list

IT support creates and names all Mailman mailing lists. Find your local IT support to the right. Please inform IT support if you want to set up a staff list or a student organisation list.

IT support needs information about who owns the Mailman mailing list. All Mailman mailing lists must have an owner who is identified with an AU ID. The owner is NOT a person i AU IT.

For student organisation Mailman mailing lists, the administator must be an active student with a email address. 

If AU IT can see that the administrator does not have a staff email or a email, the Mailman list will be closed.

NB! The owner can appoint more administrators.


Syntax for Mailman mailing lists

  • Find information about the syntax.


Forgotten password

  • List administrator: If you forget your password, please contact your local IT support. Find contact information to the right.
  • List member or list moderator: If you forget your password, please contact your list administrator, who can give you a new password. 


What you can do with a Mailman mailing list

  • A Mailman mailing list can contain both internal and external persons. 
  • You have an email archive with all emails send to the list. 
  • Great flexibility. The list administrator can set up the list so that all members are able to subscribe/unsubscribe to the list.
  • The administrator can give others access to read the archive.
  • You can able to have more advanced lists.