Principles and guidelines for filing

This page describes the general guidelines for filing at Aarhus University.

The guidelines are based on the senior management team's decisions on:

  • Why to file
  • What to file
  • Who is responsible for filing
  • How filing is organised at AU.

This page is aimed at all users of Workzone. However, parts of the content will primarily be relevant for superusers, managers and interested users.

If you want more specific knowledge about how the framework is implemented in your area of work, contact your local superuser. 

Filing Instructions

Aarhus University's filing takes place in the ESDH system Workzone, which has been approved by the Danish National Archives for submitting the university's records.

For the formal agreement between Aarhus University and the Danish National Archives, see Aarhus University's Filing Instructions (in Danish).

The ESDH system Workzone at AU

Filing and documentation of the university’s administration takes place in an ESDH system (electronic case and record management system).

At Aarhus University, the senior management team has decided to use Workzone as the university's ESDH system.

Below is a description of the general guidelines for how Workzone is used at AU. 

For general instructions on how to use Workzone, please go the page with guidelines.

For specific instructions on how to use Workzone, go to the page with guides.