Why you have to file

At Aahus University, the senior management team has decided that all important administrative documentation must be stored in an ESDH system (electronic case and document management system). This also applies to administrative documentation in connection with research and teaching.

At AU, it has been decided that this is to be in the ESDH system Workzone.

In practice, this means that Workzone should be used to file, for example:

  • Research administration
    • Non-specific research data, but can be all incoming and outgoing correspondence/emails as well as finished internal documents such as agendas and minutes from meetings, research applications, concluded contracts and formal agreements as well as significant documents or critical internal correspondence in this connection.
  • Processing of cases regarding specific people
    • Cases regarding decisions such as dispensation cases, credit transfer cases, complaints to boards of studies or employment cases with HR.
  • Critical documentation
    • For example, management decisions, decisions by formal meeting forums, contracts, deeds, correspondence with external parties in connection with cases if the correspondence is significant for a case or processing of a case.

You have to file documents to ensure that the university complies with legal requirements, that it can quickly and efficiently allow access to documents, can make sure that critical documentation is retained and can be retrieved when necessary, and not least can support efficient and cohesive administrative processes.

Filing obligation

The senior management team has decided that Workzone should be used when there is a filing obligation.

An actual obligation to file is stipulated in section 15 of the Access to Public Administration Files Act. Filing in cases regarding decisions is necessary to meet requests for case-party access to files.

In order for the university to be able to fulfil its filing obligation, documentation/case files must be retained in a manner that ensures validity of both content and context. Therefore, documents required to be filed must be stored in an ESDH system, as this has been designed to ensure the integrity of documents.

Filing needs

The senior management team has decided to use Workzone to file critical documentation, so that it is easy both to store and retrieve documents produced in connection with administration of the university's activities.

A systematic approach to filing in one joint system ensures that cases and documents can be searched quickly, efficiently and completely. This is an advantage for processing access to documents, and it also helps to enable use of the system for management information and to support administrative processes across the organisation.   

Pursuant to section 7 of the Access to Public Administration Files Act, anyone may request access to documents that have been part of or created by a public authority as part of the administrative case processing carried out in connection with the authority’s activities. 

The purpose of filing is therefore not only to meet a direct legal obligation (as in cases regarding decisions). Filing may also be necessary to support the university's ability to process requests for access to documents at a later stage.

As a public institution, AU is obligated to submit documentation for all activities to the Danish National Archives cf. the Danish Archives Act. As an ESDH system, Workzone is designed to meet the requirements for submission. It is therefore appropriate that the material required to be submitted is stored in Workzone already when the material is created. Read the judicial guidelines for which records are to be submitted here (in Danish).