Why has my Workzone button disappeared?


The Workzone button is dependant on a network connection to the Workzone server via VPN or a secure wired network.

If you get disconnected from VPN or switch between different networks, you might experience that your button disappears or that normal functions fail.

Solution: Restart your PC on a wired network and check that you are correctly connected by restarting Workzone in your browser.

The Workzone button can also disappear for a while during updates of the Office package.  

Solution: Let the computer complete the updates. Restart the computer as required.

I suddenly cannot open Workzone in the browser?


Access to Workzone requires that you are connected to AU’s network and that you use either Edge or Chrome. If you suddenly are no longer able to open Workzone in your browser, you must ensure that you are either connected to AU’s wired network or AU’s WiFi including VPN. You can only access Workzone from a wireless network with VPN.

Test your access here – if you can open and view the case, you are connected correctly.

2020-0053317, Testsag til adgangskontrol/Test file for access control

I'm on the wired network, but can't file in Workzone

If you on the wired AU network, but still are unable to file in Workzone or see an erroror message in the lines of 'Access Denied', your computer might automatically have chosen the Wifi-connection. This may happen if you often change beween the wired and the Wifi-connection. If you are using the Wifi-connection without VPN, you will be unable to access Workzone. 

You can tell which connection you are using, by clicking the netwoek icon in the bottom, right corner.   The wired network is uni.au.dk.

Can I use Workzone on Mac?

You can access the Workzone web client in Google Chrome via this link: https://workzone.uni.au.dk/app/client/. Please note that not all functions are compatible with Mac’s operating system, e.g. integration with the Office programs.

If you need to be able to use Workzone from Office programs, you can create a case for HR Data and Digitisation at support.au.dk. You can then be granted access via a Horizon Client that gives you a remote desktop on a virtual Windows 10 computer. This access may only be used for filing in Workzone.


You must install Horizon Client yourself before you can use it. 
You are only allowed to install and use your Horizon Client from a computer administered by AU.

What is ‘Indblik’ / Access?

Indblik’ access rights ensure access to Workzone. These access rights define who can see and edit cases, documents and contacts. At AU, the ‘Indblik’ access rights section is used for: Read access.
Read access gives you the right to see and edit a case, a document or a contact.

Documents on a case will normally inherit the access rights for the case in question. This can be changed on the individual document by editing the access rights for the document.

You can work with three types of access in Workzone: organisational access, function/topic access and personal access. Each type of access has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Read more about the different types of access here.

To learn more about which type of access is relevant for your case, please contact your local superuser. You can find your local superuser here.

Which access rights do I have?


You can see your access rights by clicking on your AU ID in the bottom right-hand corner in Workzone Client. Your access rights will be listed on the ‘My access codes ’ tab.

How do I add an extra access to a document?


Documents normally inherit the access rights from the case, but if you wish to give more users access to a specific document you have to edit the access rights on the specific document.

This is done in the specific document under Læseadgang/Read access by removing the check mark in “Restricted by case":

Under “Access Code”, you add the case’s access rights and any extra access rights.

Finish by clicking Apply.

Which browsers can I use for Workzone?


With the upgrade to 2020.3, both Chrome and the new Edge are supported.

The File Explorer button will no longer automatically open File Explorer, but will generate a link to the case that you must place in your file explorer yourself. Afterwards, you will be able to work on the case in File Explorer as usual.

The old Edge will automatically be replaced by the new Edge Chromium towards the first quarter of 2021 as a result of ordinary updates for your computer.

Which file formats can I file in Workzone?

In order to store records in the Danish National Archives on a long-term basis, only the following file types are permitted and supported in the ESDH system

  • Word (doc, docm, docx, dot, dotm, dotx)
  • Excel (xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, xla, xlam, xlc, xlf, xlm, xlx, xlt, xltm, xltx, xlw)
  • PowerPoint (ppam, ppd, ppm, pps, ppsm, ppsx, ppt, pptm, pptx)
  • RTF
  • PDF
  • TXT
  • TIFF
  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • MP3
  • MP4

Other records must be saved in PDF.

The following file types are not permitted in the system:


  • Encrypted files
  • Password-protected files
  • Zipped files
  • Database files, e.g. Access or MSProject
  • .exe files

Why can I not save or lock the filed version of my document?


When an Office document (Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents) is opened in Microsoft Office, editing the documents will automatically be restricted (read-only) for other Workzone users, and it is only the user who created the document who can edit it.  

With the update to Workzone 2021.1, it is possible to see who has locked the document.

The column 'Locked by' in the document overview shows who is working on the document.

The column 'Lock expires' in the document overview shows when the document becomes available.

In order to gain access and be able to save or lock a filed version of the document, you can contact the person who has locked the document and ask him/her to close it.

Why is Smartpost not working?


If you experience problems with Smartpost, it might be because e-Boks is not working. In that case, you must wait for e-Boks to solve the problems.
See the status of problems in e-Boks here: https://status.e-boks.com/

Check https://serviceinfo.au.dk/ before you report an error at support.au.dk

How do I move archived documents?

You cannot move larchived records– you must contact your superuser and ask them to do it.

Find your superuser here: Your superuser

How do I delete documents and cases?

As a general rule, nothing in Workzone may be deleted until AFTER the end of a filing period.

However, the following exceptions apply:

Documents that have not been archived yet

Anybody can delete documents that have not yet been archived. Once a month, these deleted documents are cleaned up and permanently deleted.

It will not be checked whether these documents should have been deleted or not.

Cleaning up incorrectly locked documents/cases

Superusers can always SOFTDELETE cases and documents that normal users should no longer see. However, a detailed description of the grounds for deletion is always required.

The grounds for deletion of documents and cases will be checked. 

Especially for HR when a candidate steps down. 

When a candidate steps down, the person in question must be anonymised. HR users can order this anonymisation by creating a request at support.au.dk

What is the maximum file size?

Maximum file size is 180 MB if you are using Workzone for Office. If you need to save a larger file, you can import it via the Workzone web client.

How to file from OneDrive

If you save your files in OneDrive, you must open your document from OneDrive in your File Explorer, and then file as usual.

If you open your document in the web version of OneDrive, you should select “Åbn i skrivebordsapp” (Open in desktop app), and then file as usual. 

Remember to delete your document on OneDrive, when it has been filed.