Pay negotiations at Nat-Tech

On this page you can read more about the local pay negotiations at Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences.

Timeframe for pay negotiations 2020

  • February 3 - February 24: During this period, employees can submit the information which is to be used during the pay negotiation process, and employees who are negotiating on their own behalf can submit their request for negotiation
  • February - June: Preparation and negotiation period
  • July (expected): Disbursement of agreed pay increases

See the overall time frame for pay negotiations here

Pay negotiations form

If you wish to submit proposals for pay increase, you must submit proposals via the pay negotiation form HERE (link will be active February 3 until February 24 2020)

All employees who wish to submit proposals for pay increase – also employees who can negotiate themselves – must use the pay negotiation form.

The period for submission of information for the annual pay negotiations is February 3 - February 24 2020.

HR distributes the information to the negotiating manager and union representative (unless you are negotiating yourself and choose not to involve your union representative).

Pay agreements catalogue and agreements

Criteria for salary negotiations

* Please note that local salary criteria may apply.

What can be negotiated?

You can propose two types of supplements:

  • Supplement for qualifications
  • One-off bonus 

Read more about the different types of supplements here

If the content of your job changes, the following points may be relevant:

  • Change of pay group (only relevant for Administrative Officers/Laboratory technicians (HK) and IT Staff (PROSA))
  • Reclassification (only relevant for academic staff - changing category to special- or senior consultant)

Who is you trade union representative?

Find your trade union representative here

Where do i find my AU ID?

You need to write your AU ID, when you submit your information for the salary negotiations.

You can find your AU ID on your staff profile at


Please contact your trade union representative (with negotiation right) if you have any questions regarding salary agreements, salary criteria etc.

Please contact HR, if you have questions regarding your current salary, which negotiation group you belong to etc.  

You can read more about the salary negotiations at Aarhus University here: Pay negotiations