How to order a shared folder

With a shared folder you can share files with your colleagues. Order a shared folder in our serviceportal Find out how to order and find relevant manuals below.  

To order a shared folder go to our serviceportal

You need to add both a primary and secondary owner of the share

  • Primary owner (shared drive owner) is responsible for ensuring the right users have access to the drive
  • Secondary owner (shared drive manager) steps in if the primary owner resign, ensuring a person remains responsible for the drive


Faculty is prefixed to the department to which primary owner (shared drive owner) is affiliated

Display name:

The name must follow a certain syntax, use "-" instead of space. Max 20 characters. Æ, ø, å and special characters are not allowed


You must select the type of data the drive will be used for (standard data, temporary data og access audit). Choosing access audit all events will be logged (e.g. due to GDPR requirement, you can see who has accessed/edited files and documents)

For research data, please in addition click the box

Users with read access are only allowed to read data on the shared drive. Users with read and write access are allowed to read and write data on the shared drive.

A single user can be added by clicking + and a single user can be removed by clicking x. For adding several users click the block icon, and add the users separated by commas. 

REMEMBER to add primary and secondary owner as they do not automatically get access

Get access to the shared folder

You have access to the shared folder when your computer is connected to the AU network - either at an AU location or via a VPN connection.