What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is the place where you store your own personal files. They are stored safely in the cloud, and you always have access to them from your PC, tablet and mobile.

With OneDrive, you can control who can see your files. You can give others access to your files, otherwise you are the only one who can access the files. When necessary, it is easy for you to share a document with others.

You and the person you have shared the file with can work on a document at the same time, and OneDrive will save all the changes you make. OneDrive can be used directly from your computer in Explorer or by downloading the app from

How do I get access to OneDrive?

All employees at AU already have access to OneDrive and can start using it right away. In future, data from personal drives will be moved to OneDrive. You will receive more information well in advance. If you only have a few files on your personal drive, you can choose to move the files manually to OneDrive right away.

If you want to download the OneDrive app to your computer you can download it from

When will my files be moved to OneDrive?

The process of moving files from personal drives to OneDrive was scheduled to begin in the spring of 2020. However, due to the corona crisis, it has been postponed to 2021.

You will receive an email with information about the process well in advance of the move.

If you have questions concerning this, please contact your local IT support team 


Introduction to OneDrive

Get an introduction to the basic functions in OneDrive and learn how to use it.

In this course, you will learn what OneDrive is and what it can be used for. You will also learn about the differences in relation to OneDrive for browsers, desktop and mobiles. 

How to share a document

You can use OneDrive to share files and avoid attaching files to emails and having several versions of the same document stored in different folders.

Share documents with students

It is possible to share documents in OneDrive with students, but the method is a bit special.

When you choose to share one or more files in OneDrive, you will be able to enter the name or email of the people who need access. However, if you want to share with a student at AU, you have to write the student's name. If you try to write an email or AU ID, it will not work.

Which files have I shared/have been shared with me?


If you forget the location of a shared file, you can easily find it.

You can find shared files by accessing OneDrive.

  1. In the menu on the left, select ‘Delt’ (Shared). Here you can see the files which have been shared with you.
  2. If you want to see the files that you have shared, just select this function in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

If the language setting is English, the function is called ‘Shared’.

Use OneDrive from your desktop

OneDrive doesn't have to be an online programme. Many of the same features are available to the desktop version, so you get easy access to the smart features in OneDrive

Restore deleted files or folders in OneDrive

If you delete a file or folder in OneDrive, fortunately there are good opportunities to restore them, and you can do a lot of it yourself.

First you should be aware that deleted files will be saved for 93 days, after which they will be permanently deleted. Therefore, you must respond within 93 days of the deletion – otherwise the files cannot be recreated.

To recreate files/folders, you must log on to with your AU ID and access OneDrive through it. Here you will have access to the tools displayed in the guide

File upload size limit: 250GB

It is not possible to upload individual files to OneDrive of more than 250GB. 

Be aware that this limitation only is for individual files that are being moved orsynchronized to OneDrive. Your total OneDrive library is allowed to exceed 250GB.

Move files to OneDrive manually

If you experience problems with individual files not being moved automatically when your files are moved from a personal drive (for example, U Drive) to OneDrive, you can manually move the files yourself.


Go to Pathfinder

  1. Select your personal drive (in this example, U:). It will have your AU ID in the name
  2. Select the files/folders that could not be moved automatically
  3. Click Copy
  4. Click on OneDrive-Aarhus University
  5. Click Paste

Now your files have been copied from your personal drive to Onedrive


Open Finder

  1. Select your personal drive (it will have your AU ID in the name). If you cannot see the drive in the Finder, you can add a personal drive to a Mac.
  2. Select the files/folders that could not be moved automatically. Right-click on the files and select copy
  3. Click on OneDrive-Aarhus University
  4. Paste the copied files into your OneDrive folder

Now your files have been copied from your personal drive to Onedrive

Security in OneDrive

AU has entered into a data processing agreement with Microsoft so that all employees can safely use the tools in Microsoft 365. However, we must be particularly attentive to classifying the data we are working with correctly, as special rules apply for processing, storing and sharing ordinary and sensitive personal data (GDPR) as well as confidential data.