OneDrive - Guide for employees with a MAC

All employees are to have their data moved from their U drive (the personal drive) to OneDrive. Once the data has been moved, the U drive will be closed. There is information here about what you need to do in connection with moving your files to OneDrive.

Before your files are moved to OneDrive

Download OneDrive

  1. Download the OneDrive app from this location:
  2. When you are asked to log in, use your AU user name au<auid>@uni. and your password, and then approve the two-step authentication.

Moving sensitive personal data and confidential data

Clean up your files

  • You are encouraged to clean up your files on the U drive, your desktop and the ‘Dokumenter’ (Documents) and ‘Billeder’ (Images) folders, and delete files that you no longer use. The less data you have, the faster your files will be moved to OneDrive. 

  • Not all files can be moved directly to OneDrive. This may be because the file name contains an invalid character. In these cases, the file name will automatically be changed during the transfer. Files larger than 250GB cannot be moved either. Your local IT support team will help you with this.

Your files will be moved automatically

The process

If you have files on the U drive (your personal drive), they will automatically be moved to OneDrive. AU IT has sent an email with information about the transition to OneDrive. This includes the date AU IT will start moving your files from the U drive to OneDrive.

Please note the following:

  • You will not receive a notification on your computer when the file-migration process starts.   
  • The U-drive will be inaccessible for up to seven days, while AU IT moves your files to OneDrive. If you need to use files from the U drive during this period, you will have to save them locally on your computer before the move.
  • When your files have been moved to OneDrive, you will no longer have access to the U drive.

After your files have been moved to OneDrive

Folders and files on OneDrive

On OneDrive, you will be able to see the following folders after the move, if you have had files on your U drive:

  • U drive: Contains data from your U drive.
  • It may take up to seven days before your data has been moved to OneDrive.
  • The folder will not be shown until the move has been initiated.

You can create new folders yourself on OneDrive for your files.