Set up an Outlook profile


As a minimum, you must use Outlook 2016 in order to be able to use the new email and calendar system. Older versions are not supported.


Start the Outlook program. Click ‘Next’.

Fill in your name, email address and password. Click ‘Next’.

Depending on which PC or network you are using, you might be asked to log in again. Always fill in your username in the format au[auid], e.g. The two types of login boxes are displayed below. 

You will now be asked for a two-factor authentication. Approve the login request on your phone. You can read more here. When you click ‘Approve’ on your phone, the screen shown below will disappear.

Click ‘Finish’. The setup is now complete.

Please note that if you change the default settings, you should always run Outlook in ‘Cached Exchange Mode’. If you do not use ‘Cached Exchange Mode’, you will find Outlook very slow.