Teams for calls

AU is changing landline telephones from the older system Avaya to Microsoft Teams which is more stabile and future-proof. Teams is already in us as a meeting and chat platform a lot of places at AU.

All staff with a landline telephone will have to use Microsoft Teams for telephone calls. That means that your current landline number will go to Teams and that calls to and from your landline as a standard will go to Teams on your computer.

Teams is considered as a technical solution and will not be taxed under the rules for free telephones.

On this page you can learn much more on how to get started well with calls in Teams and you will find help and guidelines.

What is Teams Calls?

  • Teams Calls offers the opportunity to make calls for mobile and land line phones directly from the Teams app.​

  • With Teams Calls your former landline number or Skype number will be transfered to Teams.

  • If you don't have a landline line number you can get a new Teams number which makes you able to make calls to mobile and landline phones.

  • You will gain access to a number of useful features: e.g. voicemail and call forwarding.​

  • With Teams Calls it is also possible to chat with external persons in Teams.

  • Teams Calls reminds a lot about Skype for Business.

Who will get Teams Calls

  • All landline numbers will be transferred to Teams Calls.​
  • If you have a landline number, you will get the same number in Teams Calls.
  • If you only use a mobile phone, you are not affected by this change.

  • Everyone has the opportunity to order Teams Calls through the local IT-support.

Do I have Teams Calls?

If you are unaware if you have Teams Calls you can check it.

  • Choose "Calls" in the left menu in Teams​

  • Click on ”Phone”​

  • Here you will see a dialing path​

  • Below you can see your work number

  • Your work number is your phone number in Teams​

If you cannot see a dialing path and your work number, you do not have Teams Calls yet.

Get started well with calls in Teams

See a brief video introduction which gives you a thorough introduction to calls in Teams. It takes 15 minutes (in Danish.)

The video introduction goes through:

  • How to make and receive calls
  • How to forward calls to others
  • Add calls to a list
  • How to manage contacts
  • How to manage calls.

Learn more

You can also find a guideline to basic functions on calls in Teams here:

Other guidelines

Teams on mobile and tablet

Apart from Teams on your computer you can also receive Team-calls on yor mobile phone or tablets with the Teams app. It's easy to use and offers you flexibility to work in Teams even if you are away from your computer.

Download Teams from Google Play Store or App Store –  the name of the app is Teams.

Choose the right equipment


Choose the headset that fits you right.

Headsets i the IT-webshop with Teams-logo are Microsoft Teams-certified and supported by AU IT.

Desk phone

If you still want to use a desk phone you need a desk device that works basically as your normale phone. It will soon be available in AU's webshop.


Order af phone number to your Teams account

If you don't have a landline number already you can add one to your Teams account. The phone number makes you able to make calls from your Teams account to both landline phones and mobile phones. even persons who do not have a Teams account themselves.

Order a phonenumber

Bestil et fastnetnummer

Log in to the IT-support using this link

1. Select your local support unit

2. Please submit, that you would like a telephone number added to your Teams account.

3. Press 'submit.'

Move contacts from Skype to Teams

You will find a guideline on how to move contacts from Skype to Teams on this page

Establishing a contact centre

A contact centre is an application which makes it easy to manage many calls to one or several functions/telephone numbers and then find the best qualified and available employee to ensure a quick response to the call.

The contact centre kan be matched to your needs. See more on this page.