How to hold a video conference

AU's video conference equipment is suitable for transmitting lectures, PhD defense, meetings and other activities where there is a demand for high image and sound quality and the need for a stable signal.

Video conference equipment is usually set up in specially designed rooms, but it can also be a matter of mobile equipment. To use the premises they must or may. Mobile equipment is booked in Outlook.


Before the meeting

Start by booking the video conference equipment in Outlook (if booked elsewhere, see below). Then send an invitation to the participants of the meeting with the following info:

1)      who attends the meeting
2)      what room should you be in
3)      who is calling
4)      mobile number in case of delay / problems
5)      If possible, call the meeting 10 minutes before scheduled commencement. The equipment may be off and it may take some time to boot.


Internal Calls

If you are calling internally within AU, you only need to call the 'building number + room number', eg 1442239 (without spaces). You will subsequently be connected if the system is switched on and not busy.

External Calls

If you are calling outside of AU, use the information you have received. For example, it may be a regular ip address:

Calls from people outside AU

Should anyone outside AU call you, they should call building number

For example.