Videoconference – join Team-meetings

Now you can join Teams-meetings from Videoconference in Meeting rooms, where videoconference is installed.

How to plan a Meeting?

Via calendar in Outlook or Teams create a Teams-meeting, where you book a meeting room as participant/ressource in the meeting – just as you would with other participants.

The meeting request from Teams/Outlook will contain this text:

When the meeting is started:

Meeting must be started as a normal Teams-meeting in Teams in order for people to participate via videoconference.

When the Teams-meeting is started, participants can join via video-conference. You can join a meeting directly or via lobby.

  • Join a meeting directly

From video-conference call “conference ID” (in this example and you will join the meeting directly.

  • Via lobby

From video-conference call and you will be asked ConferenceID – in this example it is 1215302356.

Now video-conference get access to the Teams-meeting and participate as other participants would. Participants joining Teams-meetings will be shown as guests in Teams-meetings.