Call centre

Instructions for the call centre

AU’s call centre is staffed 24/7. The call centre takes calls to AU’s special emergency phone number, which has been established to aid in handling acute threats to life and property at AU, such as a fire, threats made against AU or a major accident.

The role of operator in the call centre (cf. the telephone chain) is described in detail below. The person who makes the call should call 112 before calling AU’s internal emergency phone number.


First say: 'Aarhus University’s emergency telephone service – one moment please'.

The call centre asks questions about the incident.

The call centre clarifies the situation in order to start the chain of information:

  • What?
  • Where?
  • Address?
  • Who is calling? Contact information, telephone number and name?
  • Has anyone called 112?

Instructions for the person who is calling: 
Stay on site in order to assist the fire service/police which have been called in, and inform AU employees.

Start the telephone chain

Call the members of AU’s team of emergency duty officers in the following order until contact is established:

A. Project manager, safety and emergency response
B. Head(s) of building services
C. Head of press and communication
D. Head of Estates Projects and Development
E. Communication officers at Communication and Press, the Rector’s Office


After an emergency phone call, you must send an email to containing all known information about the incident (cf. the questions above).

Procedure for changes in operational order

Changing the names and numbers of AU’s emergency duty officers must be performed in writing on agreement with the call centre.

Other calls

Prank calls: These calls should be rejected.

Others: Calls from people who have misunderstood what the emergency phone number is for – e.g. calls regarding access to buildings or offices such as ‘I have been locked out’, ‘I have forgotten my.... and have no keys’ must be dealt with in an appropriate manner based on the situation. Contact the university’s campus security if relevant (currently, AU has a contract with Securitas to provide campus security officers who are on call at night and during weekends).

These callers may be referred to:

  • AU’s switchboard, which can be contacted by calling 8715 0000 (opening hours from 8:00 to 17:00).
  • The nearest Estates Facilities office for the address in question (depending on location).

Contact the relevant Estates Facilities office via link to website