Contact person for building operations

Instructions for the contact person for building operations


The contact person for building operations/Estates Facilities receives calls from the emergency duty officer (cf. the telephone chain) in the event of acute threats to life and property, such as fire, threats made against AU or in case of a major accident. The contact person is responsible for taking the call from the emergency duty officer and initiating the emergency response procedure for Estates Facilities.

If the call is not from the emergency duty officer, it is important that you inform the call centre as quickly as possible to avoid any doubts about whether more incidents are taking place at the same time.

As the contact person for building operations, it is your responsibility to start the emergency response in the event of an acute threat to life and property. This includes informing the Switchboard. Consider if action needs to be taken with regards to the adjacent buildings supervision sections.


Receive the message from the emergency duty officer – ask questions and take notes:

  • What?
  • Where?
  • Address?
  • Who reported the incident? Is the person in question present on site? How can this person be contacted?
  • Has anyone called 112?


How to start the telephone chain

1. Call the head of building services for the area in question

Report the incident to:

A. Head of building services, Arts
B. Head of building services, Aarhus BSS
C. Head of building services, Health
D. Head of building services, ST

Always contact the head of building services for AU who will assign personnel to the emergency management team and inform the emergency duty officer.

Phone numbers in the chain

2. Call the building inspector in the area

  • Inform about the incident.
  • Provide information about the meeting place and the location of the person who first reported the emergency, cf. the information from the call centre.
  • The building inspector must bring maps/drawings of the building(s) and keys.

Maps and drawings must be kept in a folder marked 'Beredskab' (emergency response) in the Estates Facilities office. Any employee in the buildings supervision section may bring the folder to the meeting place. This folder must be kept up-to-date/compiled at regular intervals.

The buildings supervision section can be found here.

3. Call the building operations personnel if the building inspector has not been informed

Building operations personnel must bring maps, drawings and keys.

4. Contact the Switchboard

Inform the Switchboard about the incident.

The Switchboard’s opening hours are from 8:00 to 17:00 on weekdays and the Switchboard can be contacted by calling the main number: 8715 0000.

The Switchboard will then contact the other switchboard functions at AU.

5. Contact the deputy director for AU Finance and Estates Project Development

Inform about the incident. 

Phone numbers in the chain