Instructions for managers


Heads of department (Aarhus BSS, ST, HE)/heads of school (Arts), centre directors, school managers, deputy directors, administrative centre managers and campus directors must be prepared to be assigned by the university director to become part of the emergency management team and/or the emergency response group depending on the situation.

All managers have an obligation to play an active role in emergency management as required.

The managers must be prepared to call in personnel to contribute to emergency management or business continuity.


  1. Send for personnel from the department/school/unit if required.
  2. Be prepared to become part of the emergency management team or emergency response group on site if necessary.
  3. Be prepared to take on the role of spokesperson if necessary.  Coordinate all statements with AU’s head of press and communication.
  4. Inform the department’s/school’s/unit’s staff.
  5. Inform other stakeholders by agreement with the university director.