AU Leadership – introductory course

Gain the fundamental leadership skills you need to succeed as a manager at AU. This introductory course provides an introduction to leadership in general and at AU in particular - including the chain of command, the structure of the organisation and support functions.

Target audience

This programme is for new managers at AU – whether the management role is new to you or whether you have previous management experience outside AU. 

What’s in it for you?

Heightened awareness of what’s involved in your leadership role at AU, and how you as a manager ensure quality and efficiency, as well as provide direction and ensure well-being in your unit.

  • You start your new job as manager at AU well-informed and well-prepared.
  • An introduction to the basics of management at AU, including strategic indicators, the financial management model, administrative support, staff policy, employment law and the liaison committee system.
  • An introduction to the leadership role, including:
    • Motivating your staff and establishing trust
    • Leading strategically, setting goals and providing direction
    • Delegating and managing your time
    • Leading cross-organisational collaboration
  • Leadership sparring in groups
  • A network with other new managers from across AU

Form and content

The course lasts for four days.
In addition, there will be an individual leadership development dialogue with your manager after the first day of the programme in addition to a follow-up dialogue after the programme.

  • The course is practical and concrete, and is based on AU and your own unit as the arena for leadership.
  • The format is varied, including presentations, exercises, reflection and discussion.
  • There will be short take-home assignments between course days.

Instructors and presenters will be central figures from AU as well as consultants from AU HR, who will lead the sessions.