Management team development

Improve collaboration and performance in your management team by developing a clear shared understanding of your team’s task and the opportunity to work on improving your teamwork while working on concrete tasks relevant to your team.

Target audience

The programme is intended for faculty management teams, department management teams and administrative management teams.

What's in it for you?

Focus on the group’s shared leadership tasks and development of the team’s collaboration, to the benefit of the university’s core activities and a healthy workplace culture.

  • A shared understanding of the team’s shared leadership task in a complex organisation
  • Tools to help you become an effective, well-functioning and collaborative leadership team at AU
  • An opportunity to explore leadership themes and issues of current relevance to your group and unit, such as strategy implementation, decision-making processes, workplace culture, the financial model, profiling, research ethics, interdisciplinary collaboration, meeting structure in the management team etc.
  • Greater insight into each other’s work and challenges, with a view to creating shared solutions and trust in the group (from ‘I’ to ‘we’ in your team)

Form and content

The programme consists of three one-day modules, in addition to preparation and follow-up. There are take-home assignments between each module.

The modules will be tailored to the specific needs of your management team. The course contributes to the development of your team through:

  • Training methods for good communication, so that discussing the team’s collaboration and development becomes natural
  • Practical group leadership exercises that allow you to bring communication and leadership models into play in practice and to explore how they add value to your team’s collaboration
  • Structured sparring that allows you to gain practical experience in knowledge-sharing and exchanging perspectives on individual challenges as a team
  • Using a personality profile tool to uncover the management team’s current collaboration strengths and weaknesses