Panopto - Accessibility

On this page you can see what considerations you can take to increase the availability of the videos you have in Panopto. This can give students greater access to your videos.


Functionality/Update Description and reasoning Date
Multi-language Automatic Captioning and Smart Features Allows auto-subtitles to be made in both Danish and English, depending on the individual folder's settings. The default setting is Danish, users can set it to English themselves. 27/01/2022
Captioning - Enable Automatic Machine Captioning Provider Allows automatic captioning of videos after completion of recording 17/06/2021

Videos without sound

Videos that are uploaded to Panopto have subtitles automatically generated based on both what is said in your video, but also based on what is written on blackboards, etc. Therefore, you must be aware that if you upload videos without sound or text, e.g. a video where an experiment is performed, you must do something to make the video more accessible to people with low vision. You can either create a voiceover, a text overlay or you can write subtitles yourself.

A voiceover means that you speak what happens on the video yourself and then add that sound to the video.

A text overlay means that you insert text into the video that continuously explains what is happening in the video. This will be captured by the automatic caption function, which can then be read aloud.

You can also write the subtitles yourself, which can then be read aloud by reading programs.