Safe Links - Scanning of links in emails

Safe Links is a security feature that protects you against malicious links in emails. When you click on a link, Safe Links scans the link to ensure that it does not lead to a website containing harmful content, such as ransomware. If the link is safe, the website opens as usual. If the link is suspicious, a popup will appear to warn you about the risk. This extra layer of security will help prevent you visiting dangerous websites accidentally, and it will help protect your data and your device.

How Safe Links works

If you click on a link that Safe Links assesses as suspicious, you will receive a clear warning.

We advise you not to click any further!

In Outlook, Safe Links works by renaming all the links in your emails. It replaces the original link with a new, renamed link, which still leads to the same website. By doing so, it can scan all the links in your email. If Safe Links assesses a link as dangerous, it can stop you opening the link. In this way, Safe Links helps protect you against malicious websites and potentially dangerous activities that could threaten the security of your device and your data.

Please note

It’s important that you continue to be critical of links in your emails and to consider whether links are dangerous before you click on them. Although Safe Links provide an extra layer of security, it is always best to exercise caution and to be aware of potential threats.

Safe links renames the links in your emails, but Outlook will show you the original link if you hold your mouse over it. This means that you can still see where the link will take you if you click on it.

  • The red arrow below shows the original link, which Outlook displays if you hold your mouse over the renamed link.
  • The purple arrow below shows the renamed link.

If you use an email programme other than Outlook or webmail, they original link may not be able to be displayed.

What if the link in my email doesn’t work?

Occasionally, links that have been renamed do not work. If a domain is safe, AU IT has the option of exempting links to it from being renamed. For example, links to will never be renamed.

If you would like to have links to a particular domain exempted, please contact your local IT support.

AU IT is unable to change links in emails that have already been received.