Protection on networks

When your computer is connected to the network at Aarhus University your traffic is protected by our Firewall.

Among other things this means that we block:

  • The connection to "evil" homepages. If you, by accident, click on a link that leads to a page with Malware, you will be met by a AU webpage that informs that the the webpage is blocked.
  • Connections made by applications on your computer will also be blocked.
  • Connections to P2P pages (often used for downloading copyrighted material) as well as anonymity services (E.G. Hola VPN) are also blocked.

Extended protection

As an extended protection there will be added an extra protection layer on your Cicso Anyconnect VPN client that will make sure that you're also proteceted even when not connected to AU through VPN.
It is called "Roaming security" and we currently roll it out to computers owned by AU.

You can find more information about the security at Aarhus University by clicking the links to your right - or follow the left menu.