How to report phishing, spam and false positives

Here you will find help on how to report a phishing mail or to catch a false positive. 

Report a phishing-mail/spam

Microsoft captures the majority of all incoming spam/phishing mail.

However, if you still receive phishing emails or spam directly in your inbox (not spam emails from the junk e-mail folder), we encourage you to report it. By that Microsoft will capture the email and ensure this will not cause harm to other users. See also tips on how to spot a phishing email. The screendumps differ slightly from the Outlook client to webmail, but the procedure is almost the same.

  1. In the upper right corner of the email click "Report message"
  2. Click "phishing" and then "report message"
  3. The email will now be registered as phishing by Microsoft

Report phishing in Outlook 365 (old view)

Report phishing in Outlook 365 (new view)

Report phishing in Outlook 365 (webmail)

Reporting false positive emails

Microsoft guarantees to catch 98% of all incoming spam, and that fewer than 1 in 250,000 is a false positive.

A false positive is an email which Microsoft marks as spam but which you did not consider to be spam.

How to report a false positive email

  1. Go to the "Junk folder"
  2. Rightclick on the wanted email
  3. Mark as  "not junk"
  4. The email will automatically be moved to your inbox folder