How to report phishing, spam and false positives

Reporting phishing/spam

If you happen to receive phishing emails or spam directly in your Inbox (not spam emails from the junk email folder), you can report the mail in two ways:

1. Via plug-in in Outlook

  1. Select the spam email in your Inbox.
  2. On the 'Home' page, click "Report Message"    
  3. Click "Junk".
  4. Click "Report"
  5. The email will now be registered by Microsoft and moved to the 'Junk email' folder.

2. Manually

  1. Create an empty new email and attach the spam email.
  2. Copy the original subject text from the spam email and paste it into the subject field of the new email.
    Please note! Do not write anything in the actual email.
  3. Send the email to

Reporting false positive emails

Microsoft guarantees to catch 98% of all incoming spam, and that fewer than 1 in 250,000 is a false positive.

A false positive is an email which Microsoft marks as spam but which you did not consider to be spam. This only works on email in the Junk folder.

  • As above, but choose "Not Junk".