ERDA: basic functions

On this page we will walk through ERDA's basic functions, that is to say the options that meet you when you first log in to the system. 


When you open ERDA, you will be taken to Home, where you can see your default apps: Home, Files, Projects, Archives, and Setup. We will describe these in more detail here.

ERDA's functions: an overview


From Home you can open your apps and pick which ones you want on your front page.

Click an app to open it, and click Add to add apps to or remove them from your front page.


Files is the main page for your data, where you can manage and open files.

Right click on a folder or a file to see a manu with the most common actions.

You can add files via Create File or upload them via Upload File. Upload will open a drag and drop window. If you want to add several files at once, use Add files…

NB: upload does not start automatically; you have to click Start upload.

Double-click on a file to open it in your browser. If your browser cannot open the file, your PC will download it. Remember to upload the files to ERDA when you're done. 

You can edit text files directly via Edit in the right-click menu. 

Under Advanced data-access we show how you can work with your ERDA files without down- and upload.

Share Links

If you need to share data just once, or with colleagues who don't have en ERDA account, Share Links offer a quick and easy way.


You can share files via Projects. Click the icon to see all projects on the server.

Click the request membership icon (a small +) to get access to a group.

Use the request ownership icon (the cog wheel) to ask for co-ownership. When you click the icon, a window will pop up, where you can write to the leader of the group and justify your request.

Users with special rights can add new groups via the Create Project button at the foot of the page.

You can add websites to your project to share its contents with the rest of the group or the whole world. Under Project websites we show how you do so.


Archives are a way to lock and archive a still image of your files.

You can view an archive, edit an incomplete archive, and, if you have the right access, delete your archive.

Settings and Setup

You can adjust ERDA's settings Settings- and Setup. You can a.o. change the pages' look and behaviour, set up advanced access or mount ERDA folders as a network drive on your PC. 

You can find more information about mounting under Advanced data access

To use ERDA's basic functions you don't need to change the settings, so leave them be if in doubt.

Change Site Collaboration Links from default to advanced for more functions on your Projects page.

Setup lets you access a number of more advanced functions, and we walk through them here: ERDA Setup.


To get help with 2-factor authentication and mouting, contact your local IT-support

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