ERDA Share Links and Workgroups

Collaborative reseach often demands that participants share data, and ERDA offers a number of ways to do so. If you need to share data just once, or exchange data with colleagues outside ERDA, Share Link is the fast and easy way.

If, on the other hand. you need to share files in a more transparent and permanent way, Workgroup Shared Folders will work better. Here you can automatically and dynamically share folders with a group you define yourself, and fine tune access.

Finally, you can add websites to your projects through Workgroups websider, allowing you to present it to the group members or the whole world.

Share links

In ERDA, you can share data easily and quickly via Share Links.

Right click on a folder or file in Files, choose Share Link and Create. This will open a window, where you must pick which combination of Read-Only and Write-Only Access you want to use. Please note that if you wish to share single files you can only do so with Read-Only Access. Tick the boxes to share data with read-only, write-only, or read and write-access. Click OK.

In our example, we've given read-only access to the file, so our colleague can only see and download the file. 

Click Open share link when the link is ready to see how it will look for the recipients. You can now either send the page's address to your colleagues yourself, or you can use the helper to send invites by email. 

Click Edit and send share link to open the helper. Enter the emails to which you want to send invites under Recipients and consider writing a message for the recipients. Finally, click Send invitation(s).

Workgroup shared folders

The other basic way to share files is via Workgroup shared folders, if, for instance, you want to share files in a project group or as part of a collaboration.

ERDA has close integration of project shares, making it easy to share files directly in Files. All groups automatically have a shared folder, which is marked with a small, blue folder-icon. All files and folders placed here will automatically be shared with the members of the group. In other words, all you need to do to share files is to place them in the specific folder.

In our example, I own the Testy McTest project, and can see the shared folder with the README-file and the folder from the sub-project.

I've only shared the Testy McTest folder, so Thelittletestthatcould-folder has a normal folder icon.

Workgroup websites

Workgroups have a simple infrastructure that allows you to add websites in order to present your project either to the members of the group or to entire world.

When you create a group or become co-owner of one, you are given two new folders on ERDA: 

  1. private_base
  2. public_base

Both folders create websites containing the files you place in them.

The files you place in 1) will be visible only to the members of the group, while the ones you place in 2) will be published to the internet.

You can use the folders to manage the contents of the website, or you can open the online editor via Edit-links on the porject page. This is also where you can find View-links to the websites.


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